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ZENtertainment - by Lisa Vankula Donovan

Amazing edible art.

April 5th 2009 04:59
I remember the days when a birthday cake was a couple of sponge cakes slapped together with some icing and sprinkles and wedding cakes were layers of fruit cake with marzipan and a simple bride and groom perched on top. How things have changed.

These cakes are true works of art and look almost too good to cut up and eat!

This following are from Mike's Amazing Cakes. This man's artistic ability is awe inspiring.

Tinman cake

crash wedding cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Castle Cake

Dragon cake

Violin cake

Divorce Cake

The next few are from Debbie Does Cakes

Yoda Cake

Blackberry Cake

I'm not sure who made this Millennium Falcon Cake but all I can say is Wow!

The next couple are from Zhanna in St Petersburg.

Scorpion cake

These two are from Mark Joseph Cakes

Bon Voyage cake

R2D2 cake

This clever little geeky cake is from Small Things Iced

Laptop cake

This two beautiful creations are from Pink Cake Box

Dress Cake

The Corpse Bride cake

And this life size Wall-E cake is from Botrolpolis

Wall-E cake

I don't know the makers of the last two but if you know, or if they are your creations please let me know. They're fabulous!

Shoe cake

Mario cake

Now who says art is all paints and pencils?!

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14 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Natalina

April 5th 2009 09:03
Wow. These are incredible!

There's a reality show (Not sure what channel) that I watch occasionally called "Cake Wars". People are given certain subjects, and they have to make a cake representing that subject. its a competition, and some of the things they come up with are amazing.

These pics take the cake, though. Oops. That was punny.

Comment by Jason King

April 5th 2009 10:09
I want to eat WallE

Comment by Cheryl J

April 5th 2009 10:36
Hi Natalie, I was blown away by some of these. I would never even guessed that half of them were cakes! The one that first drew my attention was the wedding cake because it really appealed to my sense of humour and the divorce cake is a scream but when I started researching this guy I found the other stuff. My jaw dropped!

I've never heard of that show but it sounds quite funny. the Iron Chef of cakes!

Hi Jason, isn't Wall-E amazing? And life sized so you could eat til you burst!! My inner nerd flipped out for the Millennium Falcon.

I forgot to add this one in as well. The bride and groom must be a laugh riot because this made me laugh out loud.

Comment by Jason King

April 5th 2009 11:46
LOL - I love it.
The Yoda one is also cool - I watched Wall E again this afternoon while wallowing in self induced post alcoholism syndrome Hence my love for the Wall E one.

Comment by moonglow

April 5th 2009 15:33
Yes, cakes keep getting more and more intricate. I always feel badly when my daughter's birthday rolls around and she gets a plain chocolate frosted!

I especially like the dragon!

Comment by Natalina

April 5th 2009 20:57
It really is pretty much like the Iron Chef! And the most exciting part is when everyone simultaneously has to transport their cakes from the prep room to the showroom floor. There are always 1 or 2 total disasters when someone drops their masterpiece. Cringe worthy!

My wedding cake wasn't nearly as elaborate. Very simple, but I did insist on real fresh rose buds.

Comment by Mr Nice Guy

April 6th 2009 00:07

Every year I visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show and check out the cake on display there - some amazing pieces of engineering . . . .

As for me - well - the two sponges with strawberry or chocolate icing and hundreds and thousands (or sprinkles) and a bit of mock cream in the centre will do me just fine - and besides it tastes so much better with red cordial, party pies and sausage rolls.

Comment by samaritan

April 6th 2009 03:06
Well I was feeling quite pleased with myself because I finally managed to make a birthday cake that looked like a birthday cake, with icing, writing etc, etc. Before that, I would just buy it. I suddenly feel not quite so good anymore!

But the main thing is what do they taste like. They might look brilliant, but I am sure my cakes taste heaps better. Not really, but I have to say something to cheer myself up.


Comment by Kleonaptra

April 6th 2009 05:02
Oh Wow, totally amazing...Loved the first wedding cake, the castle blew me away but the dragon was just too much!

Samaritan's got a point there - how do they taste? Im an amatuer baker and cook, and its all about balance in cooking. I feel taste must have been sacrificed in some way to create the form. The history of cakes, if you have old reciepe books, is all about the flavour. Form is set by the taste you are trying to create.

Comment by Cheryl J

April 6th 2009 09:50
Hi Moonglow, I bet your daughter thinks your cakes are fantastic, I always loved my mum's. I think if you put any of these in front of a kid they would think you had gone quite mad!

Hi Natalie, damn I'd love to see that show. I hate reality TV but the thought of crashing cakes sounds funny. I think your wedding cake is absolutely elegant and very beautiful!

Hello there MNG, would you believe I have never been to the Easter Show?! I don't think I could bear the crowds.

I'm with you on the cake (but with fresh cream) and it also goes nicely with fairy bread, the most scrumptious food in the world

Hi Samaritan, you made a cake with writing on it? I'm damned impressed. I can't bake to save myself. I'm sure your cakes taste WAY better than those above. I'm thinking most of what you see is Marzipan and to me that's right up there with beetroot and brussels sprouts as food that tastes like poison. Bleurgh!

Hi Kleo, I loved the first wedding cake too. There is something just so cute about it. I would never have picked the violin was a cake - it's extraordinary. But you're right, a cake is far more about taste than looks. Give me a cake made using a recipe handed down by someone's grandmother any old day. These are a feast for the eyes but cakes should be a feast for the tastebuds

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 6th 2009 18:28
the Corpse Bride cake is SO COOL!
i can imagine all the rich emo kids knocking themselves out to get one of their very own!
i also quite like the stack of teacups with the Mad Hatter in them - very cute!
great pictures Cheryl, thanks for sharing!

Comment by Cheryl J

April 7th 2009 09:27
Hi Morgan, yep the Corpse Bride cake is very cute! I wonder what flavour it is?

Comment by Anonymous

January 26th 2010 20:00
The Wall-E cake was actually made from a bakery in Crowley, TX called European Cake Gallery or ECG. From what I was told, it could serve 800 people to give you an estimate of size. It is absolutely amazing!

Comment by ErliZ

July 3rd 2012 19:19

Do you know where to get the figurines on the flane crash cake? I would really like to have them.

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